Experiential training is based on adult learning theory and applied behavior science studies. This form of active learning is not the same as sitting and listening to lectures, and is not based on a textbook or manual.

Traditional training methods leave many trainees with challenges like these:

  • I can’t retain and all the information presented at training sessions – let alone apply it.
  • I can’t bring the knowledge from my workplace in for my individual learning.
  • I don’t know how to incorporate and apply training ideas to my actual everyday work.

In Experiential Training, participants are engaged in an active dialogue and group interaction while learning new concepts. Participants have time to practice skills and use techniques in action. This allows for a transformational process of understanding → practicing → applying to everyday work.

What is adult learning?

Compared to children and teens, adults have special needs and requirements as learners. Children observe and absorb new things like sponges – adults have more barriers to learning.  Because of our accumulated life experience and varied histories, we adults need to have our own direction and motivation for learning. Our learning needs to be goal-oriented, serve a clear reason, and be practical for us. We learn best when we connect our learning to our own knowledge and experience – our new knowledge needs to be applicable to our own life.

What is Applied Behavioral Science?

ABS is the study of self-organizing systems and-sub systems that evolve from both internal and external feedback. Systems theory can serve as a framework for understanding relationships between communities, organizations, groups and individuals, with an emphasis on change. We can use systems theory to understand the interaction between our prior learning experiences, and combined with theoretical knowledge, we can apply techniques to improve our lives in real time.

Examples of Training Programs

Time Management: Too much to do and not enough time to do it is a common problem faced by many people in the workplace.   Participants learn fundamentals of time management, including understanding the value of time, using prioritization techniques, balancing work and personal activities, eliminating time wasters, and more.

Leadership Training, Team development: This program addresses the critical skills that impact commitment and performance of both managers and their employees. Leaders practice skills and models that can be immediately applied in the workplace. Successful teams learn how to communicate clearly with each other and work together effectively and efficiently.

In-country Communication Training: For foreign nationals, working in your field involves not only performing your job, but communicating clearly and effectively to avoid misunderstanding and achieve results. For Japanese professionals in particular, even with knowledge of reading and writing English, there may be great hesitation to speaking, for fear of making mistakes or being misunderstood, resulting in losing face. This program allows you to combine theory and practice to apply stronger communication skills in your everyday work.

Intercultural / Diversity Training: This training program increases participants’ cultural awareness, knowledge, and skills. People who have different cultural backgrounds can collaborate more effectively as partners. Building respect for different values and cultures, and increasing the inclusion of different identity groups, promotes better teamwork and activates untapped development potential within the organization.

Professional and Personal Coaching: Think about your life, career, relationship, friendships… Are you satisfied? Are you happy? Are there areas where you feel something lacking? Through coaching, participants focus awareness on how they are doing in various areas and recognizing the status of their current situation, and they learn to set goals and take action to have a more satisfying and gratifying life.

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