A facilitator helps to have effective and productive meetings/workshops/retreats. 

Facilitator is a guide or discussion leader for the group. A facilitator stays neutral position to help a group of people understand their common objectives and assists them to plan how to achieve these objectives in the discussion by getting the best contribution from every participant.

You might be experienced the meeting that a few people dominate the conversation, or only few people engaging the conversation and rest of them are just waiting for the meeting is over. You may wonder much of the discussion is unfocused and unproductive, and a lot of time is wasted.

The presence of a facilitator will change the quality of meetings.

Facilitator will help to create the agenda for the meetings.  Also, as needed, will provide the meeting minutes and follow up consultations.

Advantage of having facilitator

  • All participants can focus on defining and reaching outcomes
  • All participants can engage the meeting, and be able to make decisions appropriately
  • The group communicate effectively by using different methods and process of leading conversation depending on the kind of meetings and/or topics to discuss.
  • The group have productive discussions, use the time effectively, and be able to make decisions which leads to next actions.

When to use a facilitator

  • If the results or decisions of the meeting are critical to the success of the group/company, use a facilitator.
  • If there will be various different opinions in the room, use a facilitator.
  • If the situation is no good or creative ideas, use a facilitator.
  • If the group needs to feel ownership to the decision/solution, use a facilitator.
  • If the purpose of the meeting/ workshop/ retreat is unclear or not well defined, use a facilitator.